Monday, February 27, 2012

Live life to the fullest

Whatsup people:) How r u guys recently?? Miss me??:p Haha.. Ok.. That's a very lame starting.. Anyway, So sorry for not updating my blog often nowadays.. I'm very ashamed to say that I'm very lazy.. But still I remember to blog now right?? Haha.. *Excuses*

If u guys wonder what I'm up to these days.. Well, I've been thru a lot lately.. But I'm really thankful that I have very awesome friends and of course my love n family that always be there for me no matter what n whenever I need them:) Kinda stress with my jobs n all.. I hate late payment and yet some agents just LOVE to drag my payment for weeks.. Can't shop too much cause of my financial problem T.T All I can do most of the time is just window shopping.. *sobsob* Gotta do some savings and get my dream car or maybe my dream house :p *dream BIG*

Enough with the financial problem n late payment thingy.. In the other hand, I'm living a wonderful life with my love:) We went to Penang during Valentine but the main reason I went to Penang is because of my job as well.. And yes, it's our 1st Valentine:) I had great time with him.. ALWAYS..

So yea.. That's about it.. I guess.. Anyway, I'm gonna let the photos do all the talking again:) *same old me, always a lazy bum* ENJOY:)
Party all day, Party all night
Penang with love
Roxanne n Me.. Ok.. I had no idea y I did the duck face
My love
Group photo.. *from left Edward, Zoie, My love, Me n Roxanne*

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Chinese New Year 2012

Hello peeps:) It's been awhile since I blogged.. How r u people?? Miss me?? Haha!! *sorry.. Just being perasan* Anyway, how u guys spend ur CNY?? Well for me, I didn't really spend much time with my family.. Cause got so much to do before n during CNY.. Vacation NEEDED!! I'm just gonna post some photo to show u guys what I did during the CNY week:) kinda lazy to type.. Oh well, u know what they say.. A photo describe a thousand words..
My new gadgets:) Finally!! It's mine.. A very big thanks to Joshua:)
Hantu with his iPad
Ronzz n Hantu.. ok.. They both looks like brother.. Don't u think so??
Err.. Haha
Great meal with love
Beer session with Chriz Ooi
Allen Khor n Me
A lil camwhore time for me
Bestie since secondary school
Derek aka Bad daddy playing with the cards that i wrote for my love
All time favorite LOUSANG
Party with my love
Prepare to Ipoh with love
If I'm not mistaken, this photo is taken on Cho1.. haha.. cause we both wore red..
Me, the babe Venn n the handsome Andrew.. Finally get to meet with them both:)
Both of my precious cousin Ethan n Amelia
Beer session n gaming time with Chriz Ooi n the gang at Taiping.. Never miss this every CNY.. Haha..
Cousin with iProduct..
My baby cousin bro Ean
Another baby cousin bro Tristan
My beloved mum
Baby Tristan n I
Swimming time
Grandma's AWESOME 'tongshui'
Then cry.. REAL LOUD
Best ice kacang at Taiping
Ka-ching $$
Let's Dig In
Back in KL
Went out with love
Gamble at Max's place
Oh!! No plans on Thursday night?? Join us at Black Magic with MKFZ n MC Sean Beazzie.. Let's PARTY!!